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... not the easy piano version !

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In 2 minutes you could finally have Great Balls Of Fire Sheet Music that actually sounds great !

If you are wondering how to play Great Balls Of Fire on the piano but you want to play it like Jerry Lee Lewis not like the boring piano sheet music versions you find on sheet music websites then get ready for some rock and roll !
This is the Great Balls Of Fire Sheet Music you've been looking for.

Check out my Youtube link below to see how this music sounds. The sheet music available to download here is exactly what I play in this clip. Seen by over 29000 viewers with fans leaving very positive comments, this version of Great Balls of Fire has won the internet seal of approval.

This is my own piano sheet music version of Jerry Lee Lewis’ classic hit Great Balls Of Fire and it will definitely satisfy the following needs...

  • Make your aunties and uncles proud at family gatherings
  • Instantly impress any girl/guy in any bar
  • Have your friends think you're a piano genius
  • Explode heads at the local choir practice gathering

This is NOT like the simplified piano sheet music arrangements of Great Balls Of Fire you will find on most sheet music websites, this is proper Rock ‘n’ Roll, complete with 2 piano solos.

Click 'Download' above and in a few moments you will download a PDF file containing the Great Balls of Fire sheet music for piano, you'll finally be able to play it the way you've always wanted to, the way Jerry Lee Lewis wants you to play it !

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What do Great Balls Of Fire Sheet Music fans say on youtube...

BJ713NewYork (1 year ago)
I love it, this is one of my favorite rock songs in history!

samburrows90 (1 month ago)
Superb rendition, would really recommend the sheet music as well, the music's identical to what's played.
Cheers mate.

Mrsjerryleelewis (1 year ago)
You play amazing piano!

MrBurnz001 (1 year ago)
Freakin' Awesome! That guy can play!